FRAGRA Room Fragrance Refill

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blomus FRAGRA Room Fragrance Refills include a wonderful selection of luxurious home fragrances. The fragrance intensity is adjustable. The more reed sticks are being used, the stronger the scent experience. Available scents are subtle various of natural scents of fig, sandalwood, sea salt, sage, myrrh and others. Our aromatic notes come from the natural world, which means that the room is just ever so subtly and lightly perfumed.

  • Refill Set 100ml of fragrance in a recycled PET bottle and 5 reed sticks. 

(69219)- French Cotton Fragrance, (69221)- Fig Fragrance, (69223)- Sea Salt & Sage Fragrance, (69225)- Sandalwood Myrrh Fragrance, (69227)- Soft Linen Fragrance, (69229)- Rose & White Musk Fragrance, (69231)- Royal Leather Fragrance, (69233)- Kyoto Yume Fragrance.


FRAGRA Refill- French Cotton
FRAGA Refill - Fig
FRAGA Refill - Sea Salt and Sage
FRAGA Refill - Sandalwood Myrrh
FRAGA Refill - Soft Linen
FRAGA Refill - Rose & White Must
FRAGA Refill - Royal Leather
FRAGA Refill - Kyoto Yume

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