Stainless Steel Outdoor Garden Torch - Cylinder - Polished

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$ 71.99


At blomus the modern Stainless Steel Outdoor Garden Torch - Cylinder - Polished takes the old fashioned Tiki to an extraordinary level.  This polished stainless-steel garden torch is very versatile when set in the garden with the ground spike, or used on a balcony or terrace with optional torch base.  We offer a variety of styles to complement the modern outdoor garden.  Pole is 44'' tall.  1 1/2'' x 1 1/2'' x 60 7/8''.

  • Optional base available
  • 8h burn time
  • Uses standard torch fuel 10 oz maximum
  • Replacement poles and replacement wicks are available for this torch

This item is available also as torch + cap sets.  Customer saves 50% on protective cap by buying 33315 set or receives caps FREE by buying 33316 set.


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