Candle or Tealight Holder - Set of 3

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Everything has two sides, including the TRIO blomus Candle or Tealight Holder - Set of 3. Each holder has two differently sized recesses, one side holds a pillar candle, the other holds a tealight. Just one turn for a completely different look. Holders can also be stacked to provide vertical variety. Available colors include: Winetasting (burgundy), Gunmetal (dark grey), Mirage Grey (light grey), and Agave Green. Combine colors for a great design look. 

  • Made of soft silicone
  • 2-3/16" diameter x 1-13/16" height
  • Set of 3 pieces
  • Designed by James Burgess


Candle Holder - Winetasting
Candle Holder - Gunmetal
Candle Holder - Mirage Gray
Candle Holder - Agave Green

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