Candle holders Set of 2

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Candle Holders Set of 2 from the CASTEA line is a version of a modern candleholder based on the classic flat candlestick. With its geometric shape it appears remarkable simple but cleverly designed. The candleholder consists of a round base made either of Terrazzo, Marble or Stainless Steel and either a narrow handle of powder coated or chrome plated steel.  Please note candle holders are slightly different from one another, so when paired they create a beautiful geometric sculpture. Buy sets of different materials and pair them for an awe-inspiring look.

  • 1st Holder 5-1/2" Handle to edge x 2-3/8" High (Round base is 4-7/8" diameter)
  • 2nd Holder 5-1/2" Handle to edge x 1-5/8" High (Round base is 4-7/8" diameter)
  • 65753 is Chrome plated steel
  • 65755 is Marble and black powder coated steel
  • 65756 is Terrazzo and black powder coated steel

Terrazzo is a material known since ancient times. It can be compared to marble as it consists mostly of limestone and marble. Terrazzo is manufactured by casting and compressing ingredients such as marble, limestone, dolomite, water and a binding agent such as grey or white porcelain cement and then polishing.


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