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Pillow Cover 20 x 20 from the MATCH collection is a jute/cotton blend outer covering for pillows.  Available colors include: Ivory/Magnet (charcoal) medley, Ivory/Flintstone (blue) medley, and Ivory/Nude medley. 

  • 19-11/16 x 19-11/16"
  • Natural fibers
  • Available in 3 colors coordinates with MATCH lumbar pillows

Jute is a bast fiber of several Indian corchorus plants which are part of the basswood family. As a natural fibre, jute is completely bio-degradable. The jute fibers have a golden, silky gloss which is why jute is also called the "golden fiber". Jute offers a very low tear strength.  It is highly ductile with a low expansibility, which are yearned for traits in an industrially used yarn. 


Pillow Cover 20 x 20 - MATCH - Ivory / Magnet
Pillow Cover 20 x 20 - MATCH - Ivory / Flint Stone
Pillow Cover 20 x 20 - MATCH - Ivory / Nude

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