Redefine "On The Rocks"

Whiskey stones appeared early in this century and were perfectly useful for chilling whiskey, bourbon or scotch without diluting the spirits.  In the beginning, the Whisky stone was made of soapstone, which was cut and tumbled to remove sharp edges.  The stones were typically cube shaped and small in size.

Over just a few years, the original whiskey stone has changed shape and can now be found as spherical and in a variety of sizes and materials.  

Using the stones is easy, chill in the freezer for several hours, then add to your drink to cool, with the luxury of zero dilution.

blomus Stainless steel whiskey stones feature a beautiful, modern look and Redefine "On The Rocks".  Stainless stones are popular with scotch drinkers because of the brightness they bring to the tumbler.

Wine drinkers are now getting in on the use of whiskey stones to keep their white and rose’ wines chilled.  The whiskey stone has evolved to be useful to all drink lovers who drink a variety of cocktails, since they offer the luxury of  

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