Gifts for the Executive

Holiday Gifts for the Executive…

Very easily, the hardest person to buy for on your holiday shopping list could be your favorite executive.   Gadget stores exist in the mall just so we can find a gift for them. Check out our Holiday Gifts for the Executive...

This person typically buys the things they desire for themselves.  So what is left for us to give them?

Your favorite exec likely spends more waking hours at the office than at home, so spruce up his/her work area with blomus designer accessories.  Modern, stainless steel office essentials will power-up their workspace and allow you to give a gift they will love.

Below are great gift ideas for the executive on your list:

Stainless Steel Business Card HolderStainless Steel Business Card Case $19.99 Shop Now

Stainless Steel Notepad Roll HolderStainless Steel Notepad Roll Holder $27.99  Shop Now

Desk Pad With Stainless Steel AccentModern Desk Pad with Stainless Accent $92.99 Shop Now

Dry Erase Board w/Magnetic SurfaceDry Erase Board w/Magnet Surface (Various Sizes) $63.99+ Shop Now 

Stainless Steel Paper Clip HolderStainless Steel Magnetic Paper Clip Holder $24.99 Shop Now

Stainless Steel Wall ClockStainless Steel Wall Clock (Various Sizes)  $53.99+ Shop Now


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Holiday Gift Giving Tip #1

The biggest mistake people make in gift giving is to buy what THEY would like, rather than what the recipient would like.  For example, just because you would like your little brother to dress a certain way, doesn’t mean a tie that YOU think he should wear is a good gift, instead buy him something he would choose for himself. 



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