Holiday Gifts for the Entertainer...

Most of us have someone in our lives who is the entertainer.  The Martha Stewart of our social group or family.  At the entertainer's house, you don't just get lemonade, you get lemonade with sugar around the rim, you don't just pick a seat, you have namecards at the table to mix the guests and conversation, you don't just remove your shoes at the door, you have slippers to cover your socks.  

The entertainer loves to entertain.  Check out these designer holiday gifts for the modern entertainer.

Lever Man Pro Wine Bottle Opener Lever Man Pro Wine Bottle Opener $45.99 Shop Now

Serving Basket Large (Various Colors)Serving Basket with Stainless Steel Accent $64.99 Shop Now

Water Carafe 34 Ounce StainlessWater Carafe 34 Ounce Stainless $51.99 Shop Now

Stainless Steel Cheese SlicerStainless Steel Cheese Slicer $33.99 Shop Now


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