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blomus MIO Beautifully Described

“Beautifully shaped yet humble enough to act as a discreet backdrop to the perfectly arranged meal. The new blomus MIO tableware collection includes bowls, plates, mugs and serveware. The full range comes in three matching colors: moonbeam, agave green & mirage gray which can be mixed and matched to create stunning color combinations.  The pieces were designed to stack beautifully for in-cabinet storage. Outside of stoneware is matte. Inside serving area is glazed for design compliment and easy cleaning. MIO stoneware is manufactured from clay, quartz and minerals such as calcite and is defined as a ceramic product.” 

blomus MIO Real World Tested

Reading this formal description and seeing the actual beauty of these plates, I could not wait to bring them home to set my own table. I wondered how the beautiful ceramic finish would hold up to my 13-year-old son and his entourage of careless cronies, not to mention my 18- year-old and her besties who seem to feel most at home eating and cooking in my kitchen.

I chose the agave green dishes and they are absolutely beautiful on my green granite countertop!

I worried that the very dark color would very easily show scratching, chipping, and other wear.  I am ecstatic to report that after several weeks of using MIO dishes as everyday ware including microwaving, and several cycles through the dishwasher, they are holding up amazingly. No scratches or chips to report, even with my son and his friends using them at lunchtime in my absence, when I wouldn’t be surprised if they were literally being thrown as frisbees.

The dishes are incredible and guests to our home compliment their beauty.  I am proud and confident using the MIO line

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-Submitted by Crystal Trout, blomus USA design team & mother of 2

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