blomus Traditional to Modern

4 blomus Items that will take your bathroom from traditional to modern!

Many do-it-yourself designers are interested, but apprehensive to use modern elements in their traditional era home.  Although one might like contemporary design, the leap to go all the way is a difficult one.  Modern design is not only for urban dwellers and can easily be a part of any home’s design plan. 

The furniture industry has been warming the masses to this idea for years and calls the pieces transitional.  For example, adding chrome legs (modern) to a supple leather (traditional) ottoman.

With just a few well-chosen pieces, contemporary design can be added to any space.  We are going to focus on stainless steel designs added to the bath.  These beautiful, modern designs, even in a very traditional home will give you the modern flair you are seeking.

  1. Soap Pump / Soap Dish Shop Now
  2. Towel Racks / Hooks Shop Now
  3. Toilet Paper Holders Shop Now
  4. Wastecan Shop Now