blomus Solutions for Everyday Bathroom Problems

6 Great Solutions for a working bathroom

Bathrooms are meant to be used…right?  Can they also be beautiful with all that stuff?  Check out these 6 great solutions for everyday bath problems.

Problem #1 – I can’t drill holes in my tile/brick/stone bathroom walls.  We need hooks! 

Solution#1 – blomus offers adhesive hooks, over the door hooks and beautiful towel stands for the bathroom.

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Problem #2 - My husband shaves in the shower and I don’t like his ugly plastic/suction cup mirror in my beautiful tile & glass shower.

Solution #2- blomus beautiful adjustable bath mirror.  Perfect for shower shaving or plucking.

blomus Wall Mounted Cosmetic MirrorShop Now

Problem #3 - I have trouble keeping the water spots off of my glass shower walls.

Solution #3 – Try our euro inspired, beautifully designed, stainless steel shower squeegees.

blomus shower squeegee blomus shower squeege with hangershop now

Problem #4 – I need storage for my beauty products that doesn’t look cheap or gaudy.

Solution #4 – Beautifully designed pieces are available to store your beauty products either on the counter top or hidden away in the closet.

blomus wall mounted hair dryer holderblomus tissue box with extra storage shop now

Problem #5 – Extra rolls of toilet paper need to be accessible (and not sitting on the back of the stool).

Solution #5 – blomus t.p. storage is beautiful and functional.

blomus 4 roll toilet paper holderblomus 4 roll toilet paper holder poleshop now

Problem #6 – We need to keep a toilet brush by the stool, but honestly, could there be anything more ugly?

Solution #6 – blomus stainless steel toilet brushes will look like a design piece in your bath.  You won’t even want to try to hide it behind the commode!

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