Modern Fireplace Design

From Neolithic to Traditional to Modern Fireplace Design

Indoor fireplaces were developed out of necessity.  They began as firepits in caves and developed into raised hearths.  Fireplaces were used for cooking or heating a dwelling or water for domestic chores.  Thankfully, fireplaces and humanity has evolved.  While they may still be used for heating, to some degree (pun intended), they are also a fixture of visual interest. 

Even in the last 100 years, fireplaces have been very traditional and ornate in their appearance, featuring accessories that were rod iron, stained glass, wood or leather.  So desirable were fireplace accessories that niche “hearth” stores were founded. 

Only recently, the fireplace industry has found ways to modernize the look of this ambient fixture allowing it to be used in modern design settings.  Leading to the need for modern fireplace accessories!! blomus fireplace accessories are made of glass and stainless steel with clean lines to match the look of any modern home.  Our stainless accessories even partner beautifully with a stone fireplace to bring a modern touch to a rustic space.

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