Popping the cork on Valentine's Day

Is wine part of your romantic Valentine’s Day plan?  There are several things to consider when popping the cork as part of your celebration.

The Maine Beer and Wine Distributors Association has created an excellent list of 10 things you should know about wine for Valentines Day ( 

We have selected a few of our favorites and offer simple solutions to help you.

  1. Popping the cork – “getting off to a good start always helps”. Anxiety over removing the cork is common, and we don’t want to look awkward or foolish when performing this simple task.  Common problems are: not able to get the cork out at all, or making a mess of the cork leaving chunks in the wine.  Wine waiters make popping the cork look easy because they use the right tools.  Check out the blomus Leverman Pro Shop Nowor Wine Waiter’s Knife Shop Now for easy, clean opening of any bottle. 
  2. How to Master the Pour— The Association advises not to clang the top of the glass with the neck of the bottle, and to twist the bottle, so as not to drip on the tablecloth…or ottoman, or bedspread. No worries, try a beautiful stainless steel wine pourer.  Insert into the top of the bottle for an easy, dripless pour.  Shop Now
  3. Best wines with chocolate –Great wine/food compliments are based on experiencing the full flavor and aroma of the wine, this comes with adequate aeration of the beverage. (To aerate a wine is to expose it to oxygen).  Investment in a wine aerator and decanter is a must if you want your wine flavor to live up to its potential and its price.  Not to mention, owning a wine aerator/decanter is sure to increase your sophistication level in your date’s mind. Check out this short aeration video  Shop Now

Of course we couldn’t agree more with the Association’s other suggestions, like #7, using wine as an aphrodisiac.  Be sure to check out all 10. 

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