Everything must have a place!

Everything must have a place!!

Experts agree that to effectively de-clutter and organize your home, everything must have a place!  If it doesn’t deserve its own special place in your home, it probably isn’t needed.  If it doesn’t have an assigned place in your home, you are likely to find it thrown anywhere.

This rule is especially true in the kitchen.  Whether it is inside a cabinet, on the countertop or in your refrigerator.  Every item should have a designated spot or holder so that it is placed exactly where it should be. 

#BlomusDesigns offers many kitchen storage solutions to help you give everything its place.  

A few of our favorites…

Kitchen Organizer – Mount this organizer inside your cabinet door or on the pantry wall to keep waxed paper, aluminum foil, plastic wrap and paper towels easily accessible.  $79.99 Shop Now

Paper Towel Holder – Sit on the counter, or under the sink, or mount under overhead cabinets to keep your paper towels at hand, always.  $18.99 Shop Now 

Fruit Baskets – blomus wire fruit baskets are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to turn countertop produce into design décor. Shop Now

Towel Hooks – Towels hung up can be found easily and dry better.  This towel hook ($8.99) is easy to mount (adhesive) and use.  We suggest hanging one at adult level and one at child height on a nearby door frame or wall space.  Other modern, unique hooks available from blomus. Shop Now

Napkin Holder – Keep paper napkins readily available on your countertop or pantry shelf.  Easily accessible napkins encourage little people to wipe on paper, not on their pantlegs. Shop Now

Butter Dish – Keep sticks of butter covered and clean in your refrigerator with a stainless steel butter dish ($46.99).  blomus offers many other great food and condiment keepers in our BASIC line. Shop Now

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