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Organizing Secrets: It’s the Little Things.

Imagine walking into someone’s home, opening the junk drawer and seeing not a pile of junk, but neat little compartments holding necessary items. A pantry where the jars and cans are lined up like soldiers, shelves labeled and not even close to overflowing; a sock drawer where every sock has a mate.

For a home to be kept thoroughly organized, you have to be mindful of the smallest habits, the tiniest motions and details — otherwise things rapidly descend into chaos. But is all that mindfulness possible for a mere mortal? I am beginning to think that what separates the truly organized from the rest of us is how the little things are handled. What if, by starting with a commitment to keep one small area of your house ultratidy, you were able to create a domino effect that changes every room?

Places that commonly need to be organized 

  • Nightstand Tabletop & Drawers
  • Entryway
  • Kitchen Drawers
  • Pantry
  • Utility Drawer
  • Utensil Drawer
  • Coffee Table
  • Sock Drawer

Start with small organization projects and commit to keeping it tidy. Shop our home organization products.

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