not your grandma's honey bear

Grandmother's honeybear...I think not.  When I was a child in my grandmother’s small kitchen, it seemed that she stored every item she might need throughout the day on her tiny kitchen table.  The table center was host to: a honey bear, a whimsical salt & pepper set, napkins, a sugar bowl, a butter dish, a Planters peanut jar, a mug of Starlight mints, a package of Saltines and loaf of bread, mustard, and for whatever reason, pencils and pens.

While the memory of her very cluttered kitchen table is a warm and happy one, I must admit, the presentation was not great, and space was an issue.

We are less inclined today to keep so many items at arms length in our eating space.  But, the few things we want close-by can be presented beautifully…with blomus kitchen designs.  Amazing stainless steel solutions that you will be proud to keep at the center of your table or countertop.

This is definitely not your grandmother’s honey bear!