Tips For Mastering Open Bathroom Storage

The open storage trend started with kitchen cabinets displaying beautiful dishes and glassware. The movement has now traveled into the bathroom.  Open vanities and shelving help give the illusion of more space in this sometimes tight room.  Check out these tips for mastering open storage in your bathroom, including open vanities and open shelving from the blomus design team.

Displaying Towels

Towels are the easiest item to display in your open storage design.  Towels and washcloths can be neatly folded and stacked or rolled to create a spa feel.  The folded/rolled towels help to soften the space, especially if your bath features ultra modern design.

Using Trays and Baskets

Any items left out will appear more organized if placed into a storage basket or on a tray.  Baskets are a MUST for containing especially small items.  The containers should coordinate with the bath space.  By placing items on a stainless steel tray, you have created the illusion that the item has a “place to live” and is not just lying there.

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Tissues and Toilet Paper?

Large sink wells are taking up more of our vanity counter top space, so typical counter top items (like tissues and cotton swabs) can now be stored under the vanity in open spaces.  Using beautiful tissue boxes or cotton swab storage in your open spaces keeps necessary items at your fingertips. 

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With open vanity storage, the drawers and cabinets where you hid extra rolls don’t exist.  Compliment your bath space with beautiful stainless steel toilet paper storage options.


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Insert Glass Shelving

Already own a closed vanity but want to add open storage to display beautiful bath accents.  Try glass wall-mounted shelving. 

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