Kids Love Doing Laundry!

Time for school! Are you ready for cries of “where’s my favorite jeans?” or, “Why isn’t my spirit shirt clean?”  Involving your kids (and spouse) in laundry chores helps them to be accountable for their favorite threads. Check out these tips from the blomus design team for getting kids to love doing laundry.

Everyone loves to squirt!!

Kids love to use squirt bottles and are perfectly capable of spraying stains before throwing items into the hamper.  We suggest vinegar/baking soda recipes that can be found easily on the www, so even your youngest can get in on the fun.

Mix safe, organic stain removers in the blomus stainless steel squirt bottle.  It likely matches your appliances and is aesthetically pleasing.

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Color Matching Game!!

Even preschoolers can play color matching games.  We suggest 2 separate laundry hampers: 1 for darks and bright colors & 1 for whites.  Buying laundry hampers (dark & light) that coordinate with clothes makes sorting easy and fun.  Kids can sort clothes into the hampers saving you the extra work.  Tip: better make sure no red socks land in the white hamper.  Even your genius kids can make a mistake.

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Captain of My Hook!!

Assign each child a hook in the laundry room.  When removing clothes from the dryer and hanging them on hangers, place clothing your child’s very own hook.  Kids can move items from their hook straight to their bedroom closet. Voila’! 

The blomus design team suggests our Wall Mounted Flip-Down Hook for laundry rooms (when the hook is down, it will hold several hangers, when it is folded up, it is completely out of the way). 

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