Survive Summer with these blomus Tips

Schools Out. Schools Out. Teachers let the children out. 

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Survive Summer with these blomus Tips

Parents look forward to summer and the easing of schedules, when bedtimes are more relaxed and reading is just for fun.  For mothers though, summer break is bittersweet as kitchens become messier and entryways become muddier with an influx of child (and friend) activity.

A few items from blomus can help you maintain your sanity this summer and keep your family happier and healthier. 

1. Keeping the kids hydrated.

Children typically don’t drink enough water and staying hydrated during hot summer days is especially important. Keeping fresh fruit infused water in the refrigerator daily will encourage water consumption and cut down on sugary drinks and sodas.  Add berries, peaches, citrus fruit, or melon to a carafe of water in the morning and store it in the refrigerator or with ice on the countertop.  The beautiful fruit inside will make kids want to drink up, and the smaller carafes can be handled easily by smaller children. Shop carafes. 

    blomus water carafe

    2. Easy access to healthy snacks. 

    Playing hard, especially swimming, makes little ones hungry. Keep light snacks on the patio table so kids can snack at will without trekking through the kitchen with wet or dirty feet.  blomus snack bowls are perfect for a quick grab of nuts, pretzels or seasoned croutons.  Stainless steel is super tough and won’t shatter when hit by a flying baseball. Shop snack bowls.

    blomus snack bowls

    3. Family communication boards. 

    Back and forth and all around. Parents can easily begin to feel like a taxi service during the summer: from swimming lessons, to tennis practice, to story hour.  Communication is key!  Keep a dry erase board by the back door to leave a quick note of where you are off to.  Kids can leave a note of where they have trekked off to as well. Shop memo boards.

    blomus dry erase board

    4. Take your meals outside.

    Lunch is served. No need for everyone to bring their grubby little selves into your kitchen for lunch.  Serve it up on the patio or in the garden with a durable no-spill tray.  Everything can be carried in one trip.  If adolescents or teens stay home alone during the summer, prepare the lunch tray and place in the refrigerator so they can easily serve younger siblings or friends outside at mealtime. Shop trays.

    blomus trays


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