blomus garden torches

How to create natural illumination outdoors-

Enjoying the beautiful colors and sounds of your garden during the day?  Why stop when the sun goes down?

Creating natural illumination in your garden enhances the water, stone and vegetation landscaping you have carefully planned and placed.  Natural flame provides both lighting and ambiance and creates a beautiful cozy glow.

A variety of flame lighting options are available for gardens.  The blomus design team prefers outdoor torches and tabletop canisters which burn outdoor lamp oil or gel.

blomus offers several beautiful design solutions.  Most popular are oil burning lamps, both tabletop and torch-style.  The pole torch style versions can be placed directly into the ground or used with our torch base on a concrete/stone patio or walkway. 

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The oil burning versions can be used with citronella lamp oils, which deter bugs.  (Citronella is obtained from the leaves and stems of Cymbopogen plants (lemongrass) and work by masking human scents (like CO2 and Lactic Acid) that are attractive to insects.)

blomus also offers several varieties gel-burning canisters and torches.  These options offer a larger flame and more lighting.

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