Eco-Friendly Gardening

Eco Friendly Gardening Tips

Eco-friendly gardening is about working with nature not against it. 

The trend in gardening and landscape design is to create eco-friendly, beautiful spaces that are good for mother earth.  It is easy to find articles and suggestions about how to begin.  Just a few are listed below.

  • Use local materials like stone or shells in landscaping to reduce transportation costs.
  • Use solar powered lighting or fountains rather than electric.
  • Compost kitchen and lawn waste or add earthworms to gardens to enrich soil
  • Bring in birds for pest control (rather than using dangerous chemicals). SHOP BIRD FEEDERS
  • Hand water flowers with a watering can (rather than sprinklers or hoses). Hand watering controls the amount of water used and the water concentration. SHOP WATERING CANS
  • Choose plants that are indigenous to your region and will likely thrive with minimal irrigation

Happy gardening from blomus!

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