How to control pests in your yard naturally.  Attract birds not bugs!

How to control pests in your yard naturally with the use of bird feeders and bird baths.

Birds can bring many benefits to your garden: sweet songs, entertainment, and natural pest control.

Some facts about the birds and the bees bugs:

  • One hungry swallow can easily devour 60 insects per hour.
  • A Bluebird’s diet is comprised entirely of insects.
  • Chickadees are pest control champions and 90% of their diet consists of insects.
  • Garden pests are usually at their peak in late spring and early summer, which is when birds are busy filling the mouths of their hatchlings.

Birds will eat insect pests year-round in your garden, if you provide a few basic necessities to keep them nearby.  Birds need the same things for survival as we do:  food, water, and shelter. Below are a list common questions asked about bird feeders.

What type of FOOD should I put in a bird feeder?

In winter, when bugs are harder to come by, provide suet in a mesh bag or a full feeder of sunflower seeds.  Some who feed birds put their feeders away once warm weather arrives, but even birds that survive mostly on insects occasionally enjoy a snack that they don’t have to work for.  Keep a bird feeder filled with quality seed blend year-round.

When to Change the WATER in a bird bath? 

Water quenches a bird’s thirst and gives them a place where they can dip into a refreshing bath.  (Change the water in your bird bath every 5 days – mosquitos need 7-10 days to go from egg to adult, so they will be unable to complete their lifecycle in your bath water.)

What materials do birds use to build a SHELTER?

Birdhouses around your yard or patio are a great idea.  So are nesting materials placed strategically in your lawn (like straw or small sticks) to help feathered friends make their own homes.

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